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Darjeeling Consulting sàrl is a communication and marketing consultancy company.

Darjeeling Consulting
in a nutshell

Darjeeling Consulting Sàrl is a consultancy company that specializes in communication and marketing. Darjeeling Consulting can help you set up marketing concepts and strategies by analyzing and developing your products and services portfolio. They can further help you identify a sales and distribution strategy adapted to your products and target market, and subsequently design an all encompassing communication plan. They integrate the client journey into all of their services so as to create a positive customer experience
Darjeeling Consulting know how to adapt their services to meet their client's needs no matter whether they are small, medium or large businesses.

If you love and believe in what you do, and let yourself be propelled by passion, you will surpass your expectations and achieve great things.

Sonia Hoffmann

Marketing & Communication

  • Marketing strategies and concepts
  • Product marketing
  • Communication and media plans
  • Designing and monitoring of marketing campaigns
  • Partnership and sponsorship strategies
  • Point of sale marketing
I had the opportunity of working with Sonia Hoffmann for 10 years during which time I was able to appreciate her professionalism and her passion for her work. I am delighted to once again be able to continue this excellent collaboration.

Jean-Claude Bintz, Lakehouse

but also

  • Negotiate advertising budgets with media
  • Advice on selecting a communication agency
  • Manage relations between the advertiser and the agency
  • SWOT
  • Press relations in association with the KeepContact agency
  • Supervision of market studies (with external partners)

Products & Services

  • Products and services portfolio strategy
  • Positioning // Price // Distribution
  • The customer journey
  • Product launch campaigns
  • Development and monitoring

Customer Experience

  • Communication strategy with client base
  • The customer journey set-up
  • Internal procedures and trainings
  • Client base marketing campaigns
  • Loyalty programs

but also

Supervision of client satisfaction surveys and the support of implementation measures.

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